Hotel Monaco,
San Francisco

What is a Hotel Monaco?
A Monaco is both worldly and a world in itself. In attitude and décor, its personality surprises and delights. Its eclectic, plush décor is tempered with whimsy, warmth and humanity, seducing and pampering as it delivers every service and amenity. As it soothes, surprises, and enchants, Monaco hotels transport guests to a world of romantic, stylish travel, while drawing both business travelers and pleasure seekers back to the Monaco experience time and time again.

Genesis of the Hotel Monaco Décor:

The signature high style and beguiling décor of the Monaco evolved from a desire to evoke the romance of travel and worldly sophistication in a plush, yet ultimately comforting environment. While the décor of each Monaco pays homage to its architectural frame and locale, certain signature elements leave a lasting impression with visitors at all Monacos.

Hotel Monaco,

Throughout the Monaco, from hallways to guestrooms, classic lines and designs mingle with flourishes of whimsical, urbane style. Colors are vibrant and rich, as well as subtle and infused with texture. Furnishings are soft and velvety, plump, tucked and tasseled -- designed solely to surround and delight. Every nook reveals a dash of style. As a result, guests enjoy the sense of exploring and enjoying a fabulous home -- one that might belong to a great traveler and eclectic collector of treasures.

Who is the Hotel Monaco Customer?

The individuals who embrace the Monaco are vibrant, colorful, spirited, and passionate about life. Able to appreciate high style and whimsical touches that other hotels might not even consider. Urbane, refined and polished, yet warm and approachable, they see themselves when they are welcomed to the Monaco.

Hotel Monaco,
Salt Lake City

Exemplary Service:
Much more than a home away from home, the Monaco is an urban oasis, designed to please the most sophisticated of travelers. As the Monaco style surrounds guests with a sense of romance and escape to faraway places, it also comforts and pampers them. For business travelers, all Monacos offer two line phones and in-room faxes, overnight shoeshine, laundry and valet, and complimentary newspapers.

On the luxurious side, on-site spas offer a full menu of pampering services. Small gifts, such as bath salts and moisturizing balms smooth the transition from home to travel. Guests enjoy wines by the fireplace every evening, and excellent coffees and teas in the morning.

Hotel Monaco,

Hotel Monaco,


Hotel Monaco
San Francisco
Hotel Monaco
Hotel Monaco
Salt Lake City
501 Geary Street 1101 Fourth Avenue 15 West 200 South
San Francisco, CA 94102 Seattle, WA 98101 Salt Lake City, UT 84101
(415) 292-0100 (206) 621-1770 (801)595-0000
(415) 292-0111 fax (206) 621-7779 fax (801) 532-8500 fax
1717 Champa Street 225 North Wabash 333 St. Charles Avenue
Denver, CO 80202 Chicago, IL 60601 New Orleans, LA 70130
(303) 296-1717 (312) 960-8500 (504) 561-0010
(303) 296-1818 fax (312) 960-1883 fax (504) 561-0036 fax
Hotel Monaco
Washington DC
700 F Street NW    
Washington, DC 20004    
(202) 628-7177    
(202) 628-7277    


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