Fifth Floor Private Dining,
San Francisco


We believe our restaurants capture the excitement and uniqueness of each of their cities while providing some of the best food their city has to offer.

Our combination of private & semi-private dining rooms, first rate service, and supurb food--all in one location--add up to an unbeatable formula for success.

The effort we invest in making sure every detail is unique and professional, ensures your success.

For immediate assistance with planning your next meeting or dining event, please call Andrew Freeman, Vice President, Restaurant Sales & Marketing at 415-955-5447, or email

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Chicago Denver New Orleans
Portland San Francisco Salt Lake City
Seattle Silicon Valley Vancouver, B.C.
Washington D.C.    



laughter is brightest where food is best
Chicago - we've got your number

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It's like you've died and gone to Italy


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New Orleans

Regional American Food, Music and Cocktails.

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Portland's favorite gathering place
Warm, genuine, distinctive


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San Francisco

The perfect little place for seafood & pasta
Old world Europe meets Union Square

Italian Restaurant
San Francisco's favorite Italian restaurant
Pasta with passion
The show before the show
Urban chic - Ultra sophisticated
Eat, drink, lounge

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Salt Lake City


A world of flavors

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No whispering required

Serius fun and damn good food!
Cozy Italian. It's like going home

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Silicon Valley


Coming soon!

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Vancouver, B.C.

Global taste tripping passports not required

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Washington, D.C.


Coming soon!

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Thank you!


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