Poste's Winter Courtyard

Poste's Winter Courtyard

Let's Do Brunch

Let's Do Brunch

Let us Host your Next Event

Let us Host your Next Event

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Reservations: 202.783.6060

Breakfast Menu:


The Monaco Breakfast: coffee or tea, juice, fresh fruit, croissant, bagel, toast or muffin   13

Cereals: Granola, All Bran, Special K, Shredded Mini Wheat, Rice Krispies, Frosted Flakes   5

Granola Parfait: greek yogurt, chantilly cream, dried fruit   11

Oatmeal: brown sugar oatmeal, choice of golden raisin, berry or banana    11

Omelette: spinach, mushroom, cheddar cheese, toast   13

Tartine au Chocolat: grilled baguette, house made nutella   13

Two Eggs any style: two eggs, roasted potatoes or fruit, toast, choice of bacon or sausage   14

Eggs Benedict: poached eggs, English muffin, Virginia ham and rustic potatoes   15

Poste Full Breakfast: two eggs, roasted potatoes, toast, choice of bacon, sausage or ham, coffee or tea, juice, fresh fruit, croissant or pastry   22

Waffle: honey butter, choice of fresh banana or berries   12


Greek Yogurt:    6

Croissant:    5

Muffin:    5

Rustic Potatoes:    7

Fruit Plate:    6

Bagel & Cream Cheese:    7

English Muffin:    4

Toast:    3

Bacon:    3

Sausage:    5


Coffee:    4

Espresso:    4.25

Cappucino:    5.25

Loose Leaf Tea: Earl Grey, Chamomile, English Breakfast, Green Tea, African Nectar, Marrakesh Mint   4.50

Coconut Water:    5

Milk, 2% Milk:    4

Soy Milk:    4

Almond Milk:    4

Seasonal Fruit Smoothie:    6

Juice: Orange, Grapefruit, Tomato, Apple, Cranberry, Pineapple   3.75