Purr-fectly Wonderful Pet Friendly Packages and Programs

Whether it's doggie day care, gourmet "snausages" and biscuits at turndown, or even sessions with a pet masseuse therapist, Kimpton Boutique Hotels make traveling convenient, friendly and fun for pet-owners-on-the-road.

Kimpton Boutique Hotels recognizes that man's best-friend and preferred travel companion may walk on four-legs, ensuring that all guests are never left in the "doghouse." Kimpton Boutique Hotels welcome guests' furry canine and feline friends with pet friendly packages that are quite fetching!


Hotel Monaco San Francisco
"Bone Appetite" Package:

  • Top quality chew toy
  • Gourmet dog cookies
  • Bottled water
  • Doggie scoop bags
  • One hour pet walking service
  • Cool pooch water bottle
  • Temporary dog tag provided to pet at turndown
  • Lassie, Babe and Dr. Doolittle videotape available upon request

Harbor Court Hotel

  • Chew toy
  • "Dispose-a-scoop"

Hotel Palomar - Only dogs are permitted

  • Gourmet dinner plate and dinner for one
  • Gum massager (chew toy)
  • Doggie luggage tag
  • Dog walking, grooming, pet sitting, doggie daycare can be arranged at an additional charge

Serrano Hotel

  • Designer water and doggie treats
  • Disposable clean-up bags
  • Dog walking tour by bell staff

  • Upon check-in, guests may participate in the "Black Jack Challenge." If they win, they will receive the prize of the day and if they lose, they are invited to make a donation to the SPCA.

Hotel Triton

  • Milk bone
  • "Pooper scooper" and doggie clean-up bags


Alexis Hotel
"Deluxe Doggie Upgrade" Package:

  • Includes a keepsake water bowl
  • Distilled water during their stay
  • Complimentary dog treats
  • Copy of Three Dog Bakery cookbook
  • Designer doggie bed
  • Morning and afternoon walks by the bell staff

  • "Doggie In-room Dining Service Menu" is available upon request, as well as private sessions with an animal psychologist, masseuse, acupuncturist, or groomer - all specializing in pet treatments.

Hotel Monaco Seattle

  • Dog coats monogrammed with the Monaco logo for use during stay
  • Special treats for evening turn down service for canine and feline guests

Hotel Vintage Park

  • Grape-shaped dog treats available during the hotel's wine hour flavored to compliments the "evening's pour"
  • Dog tags imprinted with the hotel's phone number and address
  • Dog-sitting services and a personalized doggie itinerary can be arranged for an additional charge


Hotel Allegro

  • Canine guests and owners receive a selection of venues around town that welcome four legged friends as well as locations to curb those pet munchies

Hotel Monaco Chicago

  • Gourmet biscuits and water at turndown

Hotel Burnham

  • Complimentary treats for cats and dogs are available at the front desk
  • Cat and dog bed
  • Food, water and dog or kitty chew at turndown


Hotel Monaco New Orleans
"Bone Appetite" Package:

  • VIP pet tag and pet toy
  • Luxurious pet bed
  • Tasty treats
  • Bowl of Evian water
  • Owners and their pets are provided with a map to pet friendly parks upon request and a doggie walk by hotel staff can be arranged


Topaz Hotel

  • Doggie bag of canine treats
  • Dog-walking map of the city
  • Guests also receive a video titled Non Stop Kittens and felines receive a kitty treats upon check-in
Hotel Rouge
"Decadent Dog" Package:
  • Cherry red food bowl filled with gourmet heart shaped peanut butter cookies
  • Doggie walk bags
  • Dog walk map outlining all of the neighborhood fire hydrants


Hotel Monaco Salt Lake City
"All dogs go to seven…cats to eleven" Package:

  • Offers fine furry friends water bowl
  • Special welcome treats upon arrival
  • As part of the hotel's "Guppy Love" program, the weary traveler is lonely no more


Hotel Monaco Denver

  • Guests of the Hotel Monaco are greeted and entertained daily by Lily Sopris, a furry four-legged Jack Russell Terrier staff member
  • Gourmet doggie treats
  • "Dispose-a-scoop"
  • Dog bowl for food and water
  • Guests will be provided with dog walking information and are invited to take advantage of walks by the bell staff when available
  • Complimentary goldfish for those guests on the road without their pets. A companion goldfish is delivered to guestrooms upon request.


Sky Hotel
"Pampered Pets" Package:

  • Pet bed
  • Water and food bowl
  • Pet treats
  • Copy of Canine in Colorado - a guide to hiking with your dog in Colorado


Hotel Vintage Plaza

  • Solid brass HVP dog tag during hotel stay
  • Dog mats
  • Dog bowl
  • Raw hide chewy
  • Bottle of natural spring water
  • Complimentary pet sitting and walking
  • "Dispose-a-scoop"


Pacific Palisades

  • Four-legged friends receive a bright orange Pacific Palisades Frisbee toy
  • Freshly bakes gourmet doggie biscuits in room
  • Canine guests can hop on the pet taxi and be pampered at "Launder Dog," the local pet spa for playtime and/or grooming - at an additional charge


Summit Lodge

  • Gourmet biscuits at breakfast
  • Customized water bowls
  • Dog walking and hiking services, provided by hotel staff
  • Owners can arrange an appointment at local grooming spa for their dog - at an additional charge
  • Lonely dogs wanting a furry companion can become pals with resident hotel dog, Bonnie, a 14-year-old Burmese Mountain/Lab Cross and permanent staff member at the hotel


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