Lion King Suite

The Hotel Allegro Chicago's Lion King Suites takes "royal treatment" to a new level. Inspired by and in tribute to the award-winning Disney musical, guests get a glimmer of what's to come when they see the front door, with its hand-carved mahogany columns and native mask from Zimbabwe. Stepping inside, guests are immediately transported to a grasslands-like setting inspired by the Pridelands of Pride Rock. Colors in rich shades of orange shadow, harvest cider, vermilion orange and Morocco red highlight the soothing Spirit Fountain and the five native African masks across from the suite's entrance. A cozy sitting area is surrounded by unique artifacts and accents, including an antique Bauli hat mask from the Ivory Coast, tom toms, a giant shield bowl, and the traditional African game of Oware, carved out of wood with its base shaped like a turtle, the symbol of intellect and longevity. Six limited edition prints of various masks and costumes, signed by the musical's director, Julie Taymor (who also designed the show's costumes) are a highlight of the suite. And the tranquil bedroom features heavenly stars painted on the deep eggplant and royal garnet colored walls and ceiling, surrounding an open-weave raffia canopy over the king-sized bed. The bathroom, continuing the theme, features a two-person Jacuzzi tub, set off by a tasseled shower curtain hung on a bamboo rod.

All of this surrounded by the amenities and services you expect from a Kimpton hotel. Click here to make reservations at the Hotel Allegro Chicago in downtown Chicago.